Global Game Jam 2016

I recently took part in theĀ Global Game Jam 2016, the following post is about my experience with it (all good things!). If you are unfamiliar with the concept of the jam more can be found here!

At 5pm we were given the theme “Ritual”, many ideas came out but eventually we settled on the basic idea of a top down shooter. The levels would be on the sides of a cube and it would rotate around as the screenshot below shows.

Cube Cleanser

It was fairly ambitious for a first game jam project but we were up to the challenge. The next 48 hours consisted of very little sleep, lots of caffeine and some game creation also, after all it seemed appropriate to at least make most of a game.

I learned a lot from it, not only about the effects of sleep depravation on code, but also valuable lessons about why it is good to make your code maintainable. For instance if you need to change it after being awake for 30 hours straight it is helpful if you don’t have to re-remember how it all works!

Although we didn’t get the game to a polished state I’m pleased with the completeness of it, although the game is not actually winnable. The game as it was submitted can be found at the link below, it should run on Mac and Windows but send a message if you cant get it to run. Would love to hear what you think about it!

I’d like to thank the team (Tom, Ivan and Alberto) for making the weekend great fun as well as of course the organisers of the jam and the Unity engine for making a robust engine that made the game much easier to program than it would have been without it!

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