Final Houdini Renders

I handed in my Houdini project today, it has come a long way and though I couldn’t achieve all my goals I wanted to in the time I am pretty happy with the results.

These images show what is achievable with the digital asset I made.

The interface is shown above, I designed it to be simple to understand, if I was to continue the project I think I would add support for more complex path settings, it would be fairly easy to achieve but it was to risky to attempt this late in the process.

GGJ17 – End of Day 2

The main bulk of the game is finished now just need to add the game ending mechanics and variation in the sprites. The game is looking much better than the same time yesterday.

Thanks to my team mate the art in the game has significantly improved (No more pixel pirate!)

And hopefully after tightening a few things up I will be ready to finish in plenty of time tomorrow!


GGJ17 – End of Day One

I am taking part in the Global Game Jam again this year, the theme is ‘Waves’. I decided to make a classic ‘brawler’ type game with pirates (Get it Waves!) spawn in waves to try kill you.

The game will hopefully have different weapons and hopefully some cool art courtesy of my team mate. But all in good time, this video is of the end of day one, I’m going to try get some precious sleep now so I can work more tomorrow!