Group Project – Control

At the NCCA in second year, across all 3 animation courses, there is a group project. It is a chance for the technical people (like me!) and the artists to come together and make something that utilises our combined skills. I was part of a group of 6 that made a stealth action game called control, you can watch the extended trailer here:

(Please bear in mind that the capture method significantly reduced the quality and the fly throughs behind the credits are more indicative of final gameplay)

I am happy with what we made together, and proud that we managed to get what we have in basically 3 months.

For the project I was the lead programmer, that included the AI, Gameplay, Animations and also meant I did a lot of debugging/fixing the other smaller parts of the game. This was all done in Unreal Engine’s ‘Blueprints’ a method of visual scripting.

The blueprints did make some things very easy, it was a blast for example to quickly throw together a basic player controller in a day (move, jump, crouch etc.). However I found it to be limiting for some things, especially the AI. On balance I was happy to have used blueprints though. Especially as I hadn’t used UE4 at all in the past this was a great chance to learn a new skill.

While it is unlikely I will be able to upload the game source, please email me/comment on this post if you have any questions about how I achieved anything you see in the trailer, e.g. the climbing, AI perception, the ‘bombs or anything else!

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