Pizza Jam – Dino Boi

Recently had a free weekend, so with a friend we took part in a game jam hosted on

The theme of the jam was movement, and after some brainstorming at the pub we decided on an homage to this great scene in Jurassic Park:

The game is a simple platformer cobbled together in Unity over around 24 hours of dev time (Two 12 hour days). The twist being that only moving objects are visable, with the exception being your own dead body parts.

As you muddle through the levels you create a clearer picture of the map with the litter from your previous attempts. The video below shows one of the levels being finished after a few attempts:

My partner did the level design while I did the programming, and we both contributing to the art. It was pretty fun to just create some platform game staples (crushers, moving platforms etc.) and then see how we could put them together into 20 unique levels.

I always love doing game jams like this, taking a simple gameplay mechanic and letting it drive the development  always makes for something fun and interesting to play. Check out the game is you wanna play and the other games from the jam!

Smoothing Motion Capture Data

As part of my uni course I have to create a piece of original research into something in the CG field. For my project I designed and implemented a novel method of skeleton data smoothing. (This is the project I talked about a couple of posts ago).

I’d like to share some of the results of my research in a couple of videos. First video shows tracking of star jumps, to show the much smoother animation of my system compared to raw tracking data:

My system takes the tracking data broadcast across the network at 20Hz and plays it back at 60fps using a Kalman filter to interpolate across frames.


The Second video shows the estimation/fitting method I developed, applied to a couple of stretches. You should be able to see that the system makes accurate predictions about where the limbs should be in some cases or returns to a rest position if we have no data.

I’m really happy with the results we have achieved for the project and have submitted it to a conference for a poster submission and hope to get it accepted!