A long over due post about Unreal Engine

I realised today that I haven’t posted anything about Unreal Engine, and since my final major project for uni is made in it I thought this might be a good chance to show off some of the work we’ve done with it. Should be mentioned that I am working with two very talented artists on this project, so the models are not my own, however the shading/rendering is all mine in the following screenshots. Bare in mind this is all work in process stuff.

Most of the shaders are a standard PBR workflow from substance designer/painter, often starting off from substance B2M. I’m trying where possible to stay on top of the new features in UE4, using volumetic fog/lightmaps where I can. Since the game is designed to be played in VR having the 3D volumetric effects has been a real help in getting the look we wanted. As the next few weeks go on I’m excited to have more of the artists work put into the project and really start to get something that feels like a real speakeasy!

Also I post more of my work on twitter,  so follow me there if you want to see more!

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